Our Pre-Need Commander Partner is Blue Nebula


Whether you are looking to secure, defend or advance your market share, we have a customized plan that will produce results effectively and quickly.  Our programs provide everything from a complete marketing analysis to lead generation and our experienced leadership team is here to help you every step of the way.  When your funeral home partners with us, we ensure your complete satisfaction and increased market share.  We take full and absolute accountability for your pre-need business growth and development.  We do it with uncompromising integrity and in a spirit of excellence.  Simply said, this is a program that works.

In the game of chess, once you place your pieces in a position of strength, it doesn’t matter what your opponent does because you’ve already won the game.  Make the first move now and contact Blue Nebula today.  Blue Nebula Consulting…taking simple ideas and creating stellar results!

Hear what other Funeral Homes are saying

 Says, Calahan Funeral Home , a premier funeral service provider located in Chicago, Illinois. 

We were always involved in pre-need but we found that we were only passively involved. 

In 2005 we met Rashaad Brown, President of Blue Nebula Consulting and he renewed our confidence in the pursuit of pre-need sales. 

Our sales have skyrocketed and we are providing a much needed service to our community. 

Says, Terrell Broady Funeral Home, a premier funeral service provider in Nashville, Tennessee.We were looking for someone who would fit our Funeral Home. They have the same values that we have so that makes it a good fit

We have committed ourselves to continuously meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. 

We have done extremely well with Blue Nebula