Commander Initiative Details

The Commander Initiative is a program envisioned by Cooper Professionals CEO Eddie Pitt based on the idea that the million-of-dollars African-American spend in the death-care industry can be harnessed to bring greater benefit to Black  funeral homes and the families they serve. 

In the first year The Initiative grew into a national network of leading independent funeral homes/funeral service providers performing a combined total of over 18,000 services per year. This predominately  African-American network has committed to the concept of cooperative buying of essential products & services. 

What we determined early in the process.

What's good for African American Funeral homes is good for most funeral homes. This reality has allowed the Initiative to successfully offer support to funeral homes from every ethnicity. 

Major supplier and vendors are responding. The Commander Initiative is currently accepting and reviewing bids offering discounts and other preferred terms in return for the volume of purchases  Partners began purchasing from these pools in the 2nd quarter of 2019. 

Important features of The Commander Initiative are:

  • There are no costs or obligations to become a Commander Partner.
  • There are no purchase minimums to participate in The Initiative or maintain active Partner status.
  • In addition to discounts, special offers, terms and other incentives, Commander Partners receive immediate rebates (25% of commission) on all purchases made thru The Initiative.

Use the form below for immediate online registration to become a Commander Partner. You’ll receive an email Welcome Letter with login info for private Members Only sections on the Cooper Professionals website and Facebook pages.


                                                                   Special Notice!

All membership submissions after May 1, 2020 will be subject to annual membership fee of 


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Details such as where Commanders are located, how to submit a bid and what vendors are currently certified and providing approved offers for commander partners.

 This board of 14,  will be reviewing the bids offered from Funeral Industry Vendors. Selecting the Exclusive vendors for The Commander Initiative. 

We are a cooperative buying initiative that supports independent funeral professionals who want more for the money they spend doing business.  

How to join the Commander Initiative


  If you can answer YES to the following questions   

    you qualify to become a Commander Partner.

 1. Are you a Licensed Funeral Home/Service 


2. Would you like to save on the products & services  

    you use everyday?

3. Will you take the necessary time & effort to share 

    your opinion on industry Products & Vendors?

4. Will you commit to consider our approved 

    vendors, who will be selected by the Commanders,    


At NO COST, I want to join the Commanders

Sign up here to become an active Commander

Aretha's Legacy Is a Call-To-Action For Black Funeral Pros

 "At the loss of an African-American legend, hero, patriot, icon, activist; our dearly departed sister Aretha Franklin has exited the stage one final time in a celebration featuring other giants of our quest for freedom. By the Spirit of God, Black America now passionately comes together espousing a solid platform for change, for unity, for action.

 African-Americans Come Back Home, Something Must Be Done, We’ve Got to Turn It Around, Transform The Existence of the African-American Experience 


We at Cooper Professionals have been hard-at-work implementing our core business strategy- pooling the funds of African-American and other minority funeral homes and service providers to increase purchasing and contracting power. The support we’ve attracted from folks like you- providers with long-standing ties to their local churches and communities, along with active membership in professional associations- has help us gain serious traction from major vendors of death-care products & services.

We’re reaching out to a select group of around 500 businesses from our national network of African-American and other minority funeral homes & service providers to participate in our new Commander’s Initiative. By creating a pool of buyers willing to consistently purchase as-a-group, we can extract even more cost-concessions & incentives from vendors coveting our communities as a crucial element in their long-term survival.

As a Commander Partner, your most-immediate benefit are the rebates you receive (exclusive to Commanders) on all products & services you purchase thru the Commander Initiative. We’re currently reviewing offers from major death-care vendors- Command Partners will receive exclusive discounts & incentives on top of those we negotiate for our public listings. We will only have a limited number of Charter Member Commander Partners although others will join the Initiative and share the benefits.

There’s no upfront or additional costs, no major obligations required to join the Commander Initiative- just your consistent support in helping us drive down costs thru your commitment to purchase from our vendors who meet our designated price points. In no-small-part every time you purchase thru the Commander Initiative your dollar commitment makes our effort stronger. I’m looking forward to the chance to connect with you directly in the near-future after reviewing the surveys and making some selections.

We at Cooper Professionals are confident that pooling funds will magnify the influence of African-Americans within the death-care industry. I hope you’ll join us in our efforts to make this vision a reality. 

(Randy) Horton's Funeral Home /Washington D.C.

After the conference presentation we asked a few folk what was their opinion regarding pooling funds and driving cost down for Afro American Funeral Professionals. 

Listen to what they said!

Bob Davis/Thatcher Funeral Home/Kansas City, MI.

Being responsible for 4 locations and the success of each leaves very little room for overcharges and yes, we would love to pool funds and save on the essentials of the business. We are the ones who will give the Commander Initiative its' legs.