Pre-Need/Final Expense Insurance


  Whether you are looking to secure, defend or advance your market share, we have a customized plan that will produce results effectively and quickly.  Our programs provide everything from a complete marketing analysis to lead generation and our experienced leadership team is here to help you every step of the way.  When your funeral home partners with us, we ensure your complete satisfaction and increased market share.  

Acrylic Hearse Name Plates


 Clear acrylic hearse signs deliver great results  (149.99 for 1 set of (2) two Nameplates)Acrylic Hearse Nameplates allow the detail, design, and character to best present your Funeral Business’s Name. Acrylic signage brings you the look you want with the functionality you expect. Acrylic hearse signs are lightweight, durable and will be custom painted.   

Coming Soon CASKETS


Caskets and other funeral related products are now under negotiations. all of our efforts are geared to pool the funding of African American Funeral Home & Funeral Service providers creating a consolidated buying POWER unparalleled in the industry. Therefore saving thousands of dollars and adding additional finance to your bottom line.

Insurance Assignment Funding


 C&J’s FAST FUNDING® Insurance Assignment program eliminates the hassle and cash flow delay associated with insurance assignments by funding your claims within 24 hours of verification of benefits. Filing claims is as EASY as pushing a button. Once your account has been established simply log in to your Assignment Funding Management System select Submit a New Claim and fill out the information of the deceased. C&J’s Document Preparation Program then prepares the documents needed for the claim. Have the beneficiary sign them and upload, email or fax them to C&J. 

Living Urn


  With The Living Urn®, Life Continues... The patent pending Living Urn® is America's first and leading Bio Urn & Planting System designed to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree, plant, or flowers with cremated remains! Honor a loved one when they pass on and celebrate and commemorate all they’ve given us - the joy, the companionship, the love - and keep their memory present in our lives! Give back and grow a living memory with The Living Urn®... 

Modern Cremation/Traditional Memorialization


 The concept of Omneo is about life, legacy and sharing. Omneo offers people a way to capture and maintain the true essence of their loved ones to remember them, their legacy and all they were in life in all its splendor.  

The use of technology as an emotional support during the most difficult time in one’s life is central to Omneo. Accessing your loved one’s Omlime profile is as easy as taping your smartphone on any Omneo product. 

 Omlime.com is a new social network where your life and the life of your loved one is memorialized through shared stories, pictures and videos  

Credit Card Processing


 iPayment is a premier provider of payment solutions and processing services in the U.S. With over 17 years of experience and 150,000 SMB customers, we are consistently recognized for our reputation, flexibility, and transparency. From new product innovation to customer service satisfaction, we are an organization focused on small business enablement and delivering relevant and impactful services and solutions that help our partners and SMB customers sustain and grow their individual businesses 

 iPayment provides low cost superior credit and debit card processing services and products for businesses of all sizes and types. Need a secure wireless terminal for your established retail business?  

Travel & Entertainment



Join a community of life-enthusiasts whose thirst for adventure knows no bounds, poised to take a journey of self-discovery through shared experiences and the transformative power of travel. As an industry-leader in social travel with a diverse set of product offerings, we provide you access to thousands of curated trips to some of the most sought-after destinations worldwide through our transparent direct-selling model.

We believe the best way to experience the world is together... because together goes further. 

Deregulated Energy Programs


Avion Energy Group has offered best pricing for electricity and natural gas to commercial energy consumers since 2010.We are a national energy broker that has relationships with 50+ energy providers in 20 states where energy markets are deregulated. We shop your electricity and/or natural gas consumption among energy providers licensed to do business in your state, and provide an apple-to-apples comparison of best pricing.  No-risk service to residential/commercial energy consumers that discovers best pricing for electricity and natural gas. Let us take the guess work out of your energy procurement. 

Simple Funeral Business Loans


 Businesses across the country, just like yours, have looked to Direct Capital for 25 years for small business loans, such as financing for equipment and technology purchases, payroll and inventory loans, net terms financing, and much more. We offer a range of competitive financial products that can be delivered quickly and are wrapped in a remarkable customer experience.  Let us help you choose the best financing option for your business.  Get almost instant quotes, a fast online application, and work directly with our experienced team.  

Funeral Printing Specialist


 Because we value our customers And would like to meet their printing and marketing needs with guaranteed quality.

Because you value your business And would like the maximum profits, savings and dependability with a provider that is concerned about your success, so we can all GROW together.  

Affordable Fleet Vehicles


Vaughan Specialty Automobiles Is Proudly Owned And Operated By Arrdeen Vaughan. He Has Served The Industry For Over 40 Years And is Also a Licensed Funeral Director And Funeral Home Owner. We are proud to be family owned and operated for over 40 years, offering the finest new and used professional cars, full service paint and body shop, we understand what funeral directors need. Our customer service and pride in what we sell.  Our inventory is overstocked with new and used coaches and limousines.

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QUALITY URNS 1000's to select


 Quality Assurance: Our Company's policy is to design and manufacture innovative state of the art products strictly meeting customers quality and delivery requirements. Our aim is to supply goods at the most competitive rates. The company is continuously working hard to improve quality and cost reduction at every step to enable us to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide customers, maximum value for their money and establish long term goodwill and business relationship.  

Ashes to Diamonds


 An authentic diamond created from the ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique & wonderful life.

You have experienced a love without equal... someone truly special in your life. Your LifeGem diamond will provide a memory that lasts forever. 

Memorial Space Flights


The only company to have successfully conducted Memorial Spaceflight missions, the only company to have been selected by NASA to honor one of its scientist, and for more than two decades an iconic pioneer and global leader of the commercial space age.

Memorial flights are not specific to a particular final disposition