The Commander Initiative Bid Process



The Commander Initiative is seeking bids for the EXCLUSIVE purchase and delivery of the following:


To date we represent approximately 100 Funeral Homes nationally with consistent new enrollments

  • Combined 7965 annual funeral services.
  • Avg. 29% Cremation 2309
  • Avg. 71% Traditional Burials 5655

Specific bid information may be accessed through our online bidder’s web portal

Commander’s Solicitation Process

All of the The Commander Initiative  contracts are established through an Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposals (RFP). TCI awards bids based on the lowest responsive, responsible bidders. We take into account quality of service, proven performance, and pricing. RFPs and ITBs are conducted in accordance with standard regulations, and are available to the public. 

Casket Vendor Proposals


What we are seeking in your proposal?

Proposals should include cost offers on several select caskets with the understanding there will be comparable price concessions on all casket inventory.  

* 20 ga. Non Sealers

* 20 ga. Sealers

* 18 Ga Primrose

* 18 GA Going Home

* Promethean 

In what states could you currently deliver?

Please only list cost that include delivery of single units.

Where are your caskets manufactured?

We plan to select both a national & international vendor


We seek to build a relationship that will sustain all time barriers and industry metamorphoses. Serving for future generations of Funeral Professionals of color.